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Nasal & Sinus Disorders

Below is a table of some common nasal and sinus disorders. To learn more the major areas we can help to relieve, please click on the links below the table.

Symptoms Common Cold Nasal Allergies Sinusitis
General Body
Aches, Pains
Slight Never Rare
Sneezing Usual Usual Rare
Runny Nose Common Common Common
Stuffy Nose Common Common Common
Fever Rare Never Rare
Duration 3 to 14 Days Weeks > 2 weeks
Common Treatments OTC cold remedies, Decongestants, Non-steroidals, Acetaminophen Antihistamines, Nasal steroids, Decongestants, Allergy shots Antibiotics, Nasal steroids, Decongestants, Sinus surgery
Prevention Wash hands often. Avoid contact with anyone with a cold. Avoid things you are allergic to such as pollen, dust mites, mold, pet dander. Wash hands often. Avoid contact with anyone with a cold. Avoid smoking
Sinus Ailments

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Turbinate Hypertrophy

Deviated Nasal Septum

Nasal Allergy

Common Cold


Nasal Polyps


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