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The PROPEL Sinus Stent

One of the principal concerns for doctors following sinus surgery is how to maintain an open airway throughout the healing process. Surgeons who perform procedures such as endoscopic sinus surgery and nasal septoplasty must contend with these tissues’ natural tendency to rebound, a process which can result in constricted airflow.

The PROPEL sinus implant is the first medical device designed specifically to address this issue head-on.

The PROPEL implant is a small, flexible spring that holds the airway open following a surgical procedure. Once in place, the PROPEL stent slowly releases a corticosteroid known as mometasone furoate to promote faster healing in the surrounding tissues. These dual functions — the stenting and the speedy healing — create lasting improvement, with fewer complications after surgery. And there is no need for a follow-up visit to remove the device: the Propel implant dissolves harmlessly on its own.

PROPEL is an FDA-approved medical innovation that continues to garner high marks for safety and consistency. If you are interested in sinus surgery, I recommend inquiring about the PROPEL sinus stent to help you feel better, longer.

PROPEL Delivery System is directed to the open surgical cavity.

The PROPEL implant's spring-like design conforms to patient's unique anatomy and props open the sinus.

Sustained, local release of mometasone furoate over 30 days.*

Eventually dissolves.

The PROPEL system leverages Sustained Release Technology, which allows for local, sustained drug delivery directly to the sinus mucosa. Mometasone furoate is embedded in a highly customized polymer, which controls the release of drug over time as the implant dissolves. The self-expanding nature of PROPEL ensures the implant props open the cavity and apposes the tissue to maximize targeted drug delivery.

* Data on file


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