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The Los Angeles Sinus Institute offers the very latest medical technologies to help ensure a seamless experience for all our patients. To learn more about some of our most advanced sinus imaging and testing technologies, please click on the services below.

Allergy Testing

Allergy testing is used to help identify the specific allergens that are causing the allergic symptoms by measuring how a person reacts to specific allergens such as food, tree pollen, pet dander, or mold.

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Sinus Cultures

Nasal and sinus cultures are used to identify the organism causing the infection. Cultures are simple, quick and safe. Cultures are frequently used when infections treated with the appropriate antibiotics have not completely resolved.

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Nasal Endoscopy

Diagnostic nasal endoscopy provides a safe and quick evaluation of the nasal passages using a nasal endoscope, a fiber-optic instrument used for examining the nasal cavity.

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Sinus CT Imaging

One of the best ways to diagnose sinus problems is with a CT (computed tomography) scan, also known as a CAT scan, a noninvasive, painless medical test that helps physicians diagnose and treat various medical conditions.

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